Fundraising Tips and Resources  

Show how much you care and smash your target!

Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. It’s about you showing how much you care about autism and spreading the word that you are stepping up to the Cycle for Autism challenge.

The Fundraising Tips & Resources below have been designed to make your fundraising journey as easy as possible – and help you raise as much as possible.

Fundraising Tips to help you smash your target

How to raise £80

The key to fundraising success is rallying your network of friends, family and workmates to understand why you care about autism. By using these four easy steps, you should easily raise £80.

Show how much you care by making the first £10 donation to your page.  

Share your page on social media. Not just once, share it twice a week and spread the word.  It only takes 4 people to sponsor you £10 each and you're half way there!

Email your family, friends and work colleagues the link to your page, do it on payday when everyone is feeling flush!

Ask your employer to match the funds you have raised.  Lots of workplaces offer match funding.  It's worth finding out if your workplace does!